Preparation for adoption


I have my reservation certificate in my hands

Congratulations!  You are now part of the family!

 The next steps is to wait for our call in order to be invited to a selection day.

 By waiting, you can find a veterinarian who will follow up on your pet.  You inform Animal Insurance Company (Costco, Desjardins, Petsecure) to ensure your little one.

 You can also read on the site of educhateur where a big range of multiple information which could be of a great use to you to start with baby cat.


Day 1

Taking possession of the kitten;

 1. Preferably, prepare the room that will welcome him for his first 10 days among you (ideally a room without a bed or bathroom) where you will have to install his pellet litter, his bed, some toys and protec  There are some that are accessible.

 2. Prepare the children, a baby cat should sleep 20/24 (divided into small / large naps) a kitten who does not sleep enough will have a drop of immune system, already he lives a stress by changing house, we do not  do not want any extra stress that will further lower his little immune system under construction.

 3. Make sure you ask me all the unimaginable questions if you ever feel anxious about the reception.  He does not have silly or ridiculous questions.

 4. Make sure you read the integration steps (a little further down)

 5. When you pick up your baby, have a transport crate and two comforters in your hands if you have more than an hour to drive.  Sometimes, the stress makes you poop or vomit.

 6. Regarding food, I offer 14 days of raw food and a bag of food.  Bring a small lunch box and an ice pack to bring the flood that is frozen.

 7. It is possible that the kitten does not eat the first 24h / 48h because of stress.  It is also possible that he refrains from peeing or pooping the first 48h (I understand them me either I do not like doing that at the visit).  Your kitten is constantly mooing me in the litter by scratching, do not worry, he does not make a urinary infection, he only wants you to lick his buttocks!  Ignorance is the best way to stop this!  Here they have 13 moms who come licking them after their poop!

 8. Your kitten may be scared of you for the first few days or be anxious when you hear an unfamiliar noise .... that's normal, you may be kidnappers in his own head.  Give him time to get to know you 😉

 9. Your kitten will surely have a series of vermifuge to finish because it is the best way that it does not come into contact with a last egg before leaving here!  Do not worry, I'll show you how to administer it before departure.

 10. You will receive 3 emails;  the invoice containing the guarantee, the microchip and the insurance 6 weeks.  If you have not received it 7 days after taking possession, write me a private message on the Rex Cornish Les Frisés page.

 11. Do you have questions, write me always on Rex Cornish Les Frisés!  If you write to me on my staff, you risk picking yourself up in junk or waking me up if you write to me late.

 12. You have other cats;  here is the video of the educator who suggests an excellent method of integration.  Little parenthesis;  an integration is complete after 21 days of total cohabitation (after the period of the room 10 days)


The first 10 days

Preparation of the room

 A few days before the arrival of the kitten, prepare a small room without bed (ideally a bathroom) or you will install a litter without cover with granule Hardwood and a few flavors of bleach in the gravel (this reminds  his mom's urine), bottled water temperature room, canine royal high energy food and toys (no pen).

 On arrival, open the carrier in the room.  Install blanket, cushion and toys belonging to the kitten.  Take the kitten gently and place it in the litter box.  Spend the first hour with him in the room, play with him, caress him, take him, ... Talk to him always in a comforting tone.

 Forget it, he has to mourn his mother, his brothers, the person who cares for him since his birth, his old house and in addition, he just had surgery.

 It is possible that during the period of adaptation or mourning that your kitten claims.  We can compare her crying to a 4 year old child who does not want to go to bed.  Do not give in to his requests, even if it is very difficult.  In this way, you are doing his education and showing him that you are the authority in the house and he the animal.  You will appreciate later because, a dominant rex on its masters will be needed on beds at 7-8 months.

 Do not deprive yourself to spend time with your kitten.  Take the kitten out of the bathroom in your arms, but do not let him walk around.  In this way, he will appreciate being caught, if he does not want to stay, go back in the bathroom.

 Wait after the first week before making the presentation with the other animals in the household.

 After the 10 day period, let the kitten out by giving only access to the common rooms.  Give access to the pieces gradually in the days or weeks ahead.

CAUTION: Make sure the kitten gets up and down VERY easily before bed with you in the bed, you could find a pee or even a poop when you wake up if he was not able to go in his bed  litter.