Our breeders


Our breeders are all chosen with intelligence and detachment.  We mean that even if we have a crush X, this kitten will pass all the genetic tests and will make his kitten championship.  Why?  Because unfortunately for a few years and this, everywhere in the world, we are losing the characteristics of the race.  By doing this, we want to help improve the breed.


Quadruple Grand Champion Evelyne Frédérick

Frédérick Rex Cornish

Frédérick, born in Belgium on October 23rd, 2017. He is in color Seal Lynx Pointe.  He is now castrated and is looking for a family for life without any other cat (for a few months) and can be paired with a kitten without any problem in a few months.  $ 900 + tax

Champion FL*Villain Ezio darling of mine


Esko (Ezio), born in Finland on September 14, 2018. Arrived with us in August 2019 from where Audrey made a long trip to pick him up.  During this trip, Audrey took the opportunity to live in Finland a TICA competition with Esko.

Lesfrises Zara


Zara is a little Calico female born from the union of Payton and Subban in February 2019. She will be mom in the summer of 2020.

Lesfrises Lily


Lily is a small blue and white female with beautiful blue eyes, she is sweet and very delicate.  She was born at home in 2016 from the union of Maya and Subban.

Championne Evelyne Kerlie of lesfrises


Kerlie, born in Belgium on October 3, 2017. Chocolate pointe and white.

Championne Lesfrises Moka


Moka, chocolate female born in 2017 from the union of Lily and Morphee.  This is a small female 4 lbs super affectionate and vocal.

Championne Lesfrises Shiva


Shiva, tabby blue female born in 2017. From the union of Maya and Webber, Shiva is a very lively and active little female.  Very good mom, she helps exhausted moms.

Lesfrises Iris


Iris, a small lavender and white female with odds eyes born in 2019. Born from the union of  Myrtille and Subban.  Championship scheduled autumn 2019 and 2020

Lesfrises Tamara


Tamara, Cinnamon tabby born December 26, 2018 from the union of Sofya and Theophile.  A very sociable little female who loves hugs at animal shows.  Championship evaluation expected Oct 2019 and winter 2020

Championne Lesfrises Aimée-Lee


Aimee-Lee, female tortie spotted tabby born in the summer of 2018. Will have her first litter in 2020. Small female 5 lbs super sociable and very energetic.

Grande Championne Melusine


Melusine, cinnamon tortie Lynx is born in France in the fall of 2017. Very sociable, she bombards people with cuddles as soon as they enter the house.

Quadruple grande championne Lesfrises Darla


Darla, black female born in 2018 of the union of Sofya and Morphée.  Delicate, super affectionate and active female who loves TV evenings snuggled against a human.

Championne Lesfrises Thalie


Thalie, Cinnamon Lynx was born in 2018 from the union of Melusine and Morphee.  Very large female with a heart beating agrainât the love of the human.



Payton, female harlequin calico born in 2016 in Russia.  She has been with us since the fall of 2018.

Championne Lesfrises Henriette


Henriette, female Cinnamon born in 2018 from the union of Melusine and Morphee.  What to say about our beautiful Henriette with her unique personality does not go unnoticed wherever she goes.

Championne lesfrises Charlotte


Charlotte, female tabby Classic born in 2017 from the union of Shurochka and Weber.  Very large female with a lot of affection and energy.

Lesfrises Myrtille


Bilberry, small female van blue with odds eyes in 2016 from the union of Capuceene and Subban.