Adopting a kitten or a retiree



Adoption is a wise choice for life.  We allow ourselves to refuse adoptions to families who do not have the same vision of adoption as we do.

Adoption fees

Our adoption fees are not negotiable.

 1200 $ + tx for a kitten

 that includes;


 vaccination updated at the time of departure


 microchip and registration in the Canadian database

 the pedigree 3 or 4 generations

 the hereditary and congenital health guarantee

 the 6 weeks veterinary insurance offered by Petsecure

 starter kit including (toys, blanket and some food)

 The adoption of a retiree we offer the same inclusions except the 6 weeks veterinary insurance but we are committed to pay the first 3 months if you subtract veterinary insurance from your side.  We offer a discount of 12% per year of age.


We do not offer déclaws but we offer a nice alternative.

 Tendinectomy is a surgical procedure consisting of cutting the tendons that prevent the claws from coming out. This surgery is performed under general anesthesia by a veterinarian.

 In cats, it consists in cutting the tendon of the claw, thus blocking its exit and is thus a less painful alternative of onyxectomy (degriffing) and as effective as this one.  However, after a tendinectomy, the owner will have to cut the claws of his cat every 3 weeks to avoid an ingrown toenail.

 $ 200 + tax

 Not refundable in case of replacement of kitten.

How the waiting List Works

In order to make enlightened twinnings with the families, we have established the reservation certificate, following the signature of the reservation certificate people can choose the kitten of their dream having the opportunity to spend their turn for 18 months to choose the ideal moment  for them to adopt.


 Adopters will be called in order of reservation when the kittens will be of age to be reserved either;  after 12 weeks when they can show us their personality and their character.  Each future adopter will come in turn to choose their kitten after the weekend visit or delivery of videos (if the family can not move).


 No choice of color is considered in the booking order and we ask you not to share your preferences.


 Each person who has a reservation certificate will receive every two weeks photos of all the kittens that will be available through our private group on Facebook: Booking List (Les Frisés).  One week before the weekend of selection, a description of the personalities and characters of each kittens will be displayed.  Also, it is possible for them to follow the kittens on our cameras live 24/24, 7 days out of 7.


 The deposit of $ 200 is required and not refundable at the signing of the certificate.  The reservation certificate is valid for a period of 18 months, it is transferable to the other litters within the said period.  In the case of a transfer, the future family does not lose its rank.


 The breeder reserves the right to choose future breeders before any other booking.  In the event that the farmer has to hand over a replacement kitten to a family, the latter takes again the rank which corresponds to the date of the first reservation on the reservation list.