At the beginning


Who we are?  We are several members of the same family who share the same passion.  It all started with our mother who adopted 4 rex cornish from Cowboy Claws in Texas, and she had a few litters a year when we were still at home.  When we were old enough to fly on our own, we each left with some rex cornish females that we treat as queens!  In this way, we continue our mother's dream.  For 2 years, only Audrey has continued the family project.

The evolution


In recent years, we have been interested in the world of competition!  We have managed since 2017 to obtain the level of international competition by winning several Titles of champions at TICA

Pet Therapy


Being a host family for children with intellectual disabilities, we are all keen and socialized kittens as if he would be the main actor for animal therapy.  All are very sociable and they make the happiness of young and old.